Jimmy Vence

Founder of Hot Club Soda, Jimmy Vence has been playing guitar since age 12. An IT consultant by trade, his travel schedule had limited his ability to play regularly in bands for many years. His relocation to Austin in 2009 got him off the road, allowing him to pursue his music interests.

Jimmy has tried his hand at various styles of music over several decades; from learning the Italian folk melodies of his parents' record collection, assimiliating British progessive rock, transcribing music from American guitar legends such as Les Paul and Roy Buchanan, to adapting fingerstyle acoustic into his playing.

Since his introduction to the legendary Hot Club of France, Jimmy's focus turned to Gypsy Jazz. A student of the life and history, as well as technique, of Django Reinhardt, Jimmy pays respect to the artists in Europe and America who keep this style of music alive.

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